Media Appearances
Pictures grabbed straight off the tv

Meteorite Hunting Trips
A few sample pictures of our hunting trips in the UK & USA

The Park Forest Meteorite
Pictures of our visit to the Park Forest strewnfield, near Chicago, Illinois

Sounds of the Bovedy Meteorite
The Bovedy meteorite fell to Earth in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland on 25th April 1969.
By chance, an Irish lady was outdoors with her tape machine, recording the birdsong and local wildlife, just as the meteor
exploded high in the atmosphere. The distant booms and detonations can be heard clearly about 2/3rds
of the way through the recording, startling the lady and making a nearby dog bark in surprise.

The Peekskill Fireball Movie
This is a short movie showing the famous Peekskill fireball soaring across the sky, seconds before it plunged right through the back of a car in New York!! The car is also shown at the end of the movie and has since become as famous as the meteorite itself.

Our Visit to The Wold Cottage, Yorkshire, England - August 2001
During the Summer of 2001, my wife and I spent a long weekend as guests at The Wold Cottage. This was the scene of the most historical witnessed fall in meteoritics, and which finally confirmed beyond any doubt that rocks do fall from the sky.

Meteorite Hunting at Holbrook, Arizona - May 2001
Another visit to Arizona and the Holbrook strewnfield, in search of those elusive little black rocks from space.

Meteorite Hunting at Holbrook and Meteor crater - February 2000
Pictures of our visit to Arizona and first hunt at the Holbrook strewnfield in February 2000.

Space Debris
This is my helium tank, a relic from the Russian Salyut 7/Kosmos 1686 spacestation assembly which spent many years in orbit before uncontrolled re-entry brought it back down to Earth with a bang. Click on the above link for pictures of the tank taken before, during and after sampling at the Natural History Museum, London.
The close-up images of the micrometeoroid impact craters resemble the Lunar surface!

The Meteoritical Society & Bulletin
A record of all old and new meteorites as recognised by the Meteoritical Society.
Follow the link and click on "publications".

The UK and Eire Meteorite Page


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