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Welcome to my website

Me, Rob Elliott filming a tv show in the Hambleton strewnfield, April 2012.
I'm former proprietor of one of the largest meteorite dealerships in the World, and now a full-time meteorite hunter here in the UK.

I sometimes sell & swap meteorites that I have acquired in exchange for some of my earlier finds & collection pieces - see my sales pages

Several meteorites have been seen to fall on British soil over the centuries. A fireball crossing the sky and with meteorites
being picked up soon afterwards. Meteoriticists refer to these as "witnessed falls" or simply just "falls".

Only THREE meteorites have been found by chance in the UK, un-seen, un-heard or maybe just un-noticed, yet waiting to be found and recognised.
Meteoriticists refer to these chance discoveries as "finds".
......I found them all!

Leighlinbridge Meteorite
The Leighlinbridge meteorite
Fell in S. Ireland (Eire) 1999

Glenrothes Meteorite
The Glenrothes meteorite
Found in Fife, Scotland 1998

The Hambleton meteorite
Found in Yorkshire, England 2005

The Strawberry Fields meteorite
Found in Perthshire, Scotland 2011

(click on the above images for information and pictures of each meteorite)

Fernlea Meteorites is owned and operated by myself, Rob Elliott. My background lies as an electronics engineer and designer of miltary control systems within the UK aerospace industry, and later with atomic weapon development for US Defence. Somewhere along the way, I began to collect meteorites and have since maintained a growing collection of rocks from space. This collecting passion later developed into a full time business which grew into one of the largest meteorite dealerships in the world.

Rob Elliott

Rob Elliott

Zag Meteorite

A 1.3kg freshly fallen stone meteorite,
showing the light coloured interior and
a thin "rind" of dark black fusion crust

The meteorites advertised on our sale pages are genuine rocks from space. However, a meteorite is not a meteorite just because I or anyone else thinks it is, or because we might believe it to be......in reality, meteorites have to be formally recognised, authenticated, studied, classified and named before they can truly be accepted as meteoric material originating from outside planet Earth. For these reasons, our meteorites have been professionally authenticated as such by recognised institutions and individuals involved in the study of meteoritics.
Many of our meteorites have been acquired through trade with scientists, researchers & curators of the World's top museums, institutions and National Collections - we offer them meteorites that aren't yet represented in their collection, and in return they offer us meteorites that aren't represented in our collection.
This arrangement benefits everyone involved, because not only do our respective collections grow accordingly, but new meteorites then become available for research and study.
Pultusk Meteorite

A beautiful 845g Pultusk meteorite,
acquired through trade with the
Natural History Museum, London

Sikhote-Alin Meteorite

A beautifully flight-marked 2.5kg iron meteorite
from the 1947 Sikhote-Alin fall in Russia

Meteorites come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Quickly recovered meteorites that have not suffered from long exposure to the harmful effects of the World's weather, show fusion crust and regmaglypts ("thumbprints") over their surface - the result of high speed, often very violent, flight through our Earth's atmosphere.
This perfectly formed impact crater is only 4mm in diameter, and was formed by a "shooting star" - around the same size as the point on a needle - as it smashed into this Russian space station and vaporised on contact. Dashing around the solar system at speeds of several miles per second can take it's toll on incoming space dust! Click here for more pictures & information. Salyut 7

Space Station Zap Pit

Park Forest Meteorite

A stony meteorite which fell to through the roof and ceiling
of a house in
Park Forest, Illinois at the end of March 2003

Well, it probably isn't a real meteorite.
But, if you're confident that your rock is worthy of further investigation, I would suggest that you send a sample to a professional meteoriticist (not a geologist - most geologists have never seen a real meteorite). Search online for museums that have a meteorite collection, and you may well find that they have an expert who can help you identify your rock.

Please be aware of the following:
Unless your meteorite has already been professionally authenticated, classified & named, or happened to fall through the roof of your house during the night, crashed through your car, or hit you on the head, please do not contact me about it.


Chicken Little was right ~ the sky is falling!

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