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Rob Elliott's passion for all-things science and space began at the early age of 8 years old, just as Apollo 11 prepared to land on the Moon.
Living under the bright lights of a London suburb made viewing the night sky difficult at best, but Rob's interest as a junior amateur astronomer grew and developed into a keen interest in comets, meteors and meteorites in particular.

During his late teens, Rob studied electronic engineering in London and pursued a long career as an electronics engineer, working on military defence electronic systems for both the British and American governments.
Married to Irene and with 3 children, Rob left England in 1987 and was relocated to Fife, Scotland to join a new team working on a space project for US Defence.

Rob's first introduction to meteorites came by chance in the mid-90's while skimming through the small ads in the back pages of an astronomy magazine - here, an overseas seller offered small samples of an iron meteorite, found in the Namibian desert. After much deliberation (disbelief that was quickly resolved by checking "meteorites" in the family's encyclopaedia!), Rob purchased a small polished and etched slice for a few Dollars, and began a passionate hobby that was destined to grow into something far bigger.
Several more purchases followed and Rob put together a modest collection of different meteorites, found in various countries across the World. As a sideline, Rob found that he could fund and increase his collection by re-selling any duplicates, as well as selling pieces removed from his larger meteorites. With some sales success behind him and with the full support and backing of his wife Irene, Rob decided to throw his full effort into a business of buying and selling meteorites for a living. A sizeable bank loan started the business by allowing the purchase of some high-end, exotic meteorites, which Rob then cut and prepared before offering them for re-sale to meteorite collectors. Rob also approached several museums, scientists and curators who might be interested in studying the material, or simply adding it to their own meteorite collections. As most museums prefer to exchange meteorites for other types rather than to purchase them outright, Rob became a frequent visitor, meeting with the curators of some of the top institutions and museums of natural history around the World. This exchange and bartering in meteorites allowed Rob to acquire many rare, important and historical meteorites, which had never been available to private collectors before. Over the following years, Rob built a highly respected, World-class meteorite collection and he ranked as one of the World's top meteorite dealers. His customers have included people from all walks of life - devoted meteorite collectors, well-known celebrities, renowned scientists, and just about anyone who wanted to experience and own a 4,500,000,000 year old "rock from space".

As well as buying and selling meteorites, Rob has spent many years hunting for meteorites in the hot deserts, mainland Europe, and also much closer to home in the British Isles. Two notable British meteorites stand out from all of his successful meteorite hunting finds - the Glenrothes meteorite, which he found in Fife, Scotland in 1998, and the particularly rare Hambleton meteorite he found in North Yorkshire, England in 2005. These remain the only officially recognised meteorites that have ever found in the United Kingdom.

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